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Fire Alarm Systems for Brighton

All businesses must have a means of raising the alarm in the event of fire. Fire detection systems protect both life and property. They alert workers and external services to unexpected and dangerous events, and allow appropriate and timely action to be taken.

Fire AlarmFire Risk UK supply a comprehensive range of conventional, analogue addressable and wire free radio fire alarm systems together with their accessories, including a variety of detectors, bells and sounders, call points, strobes and door retainers to clients in Brighton.

The selection of the most suitable system for your business and ongoing maintenance by qualified personnel is critical to ensure your premises are adequately protected at all times.

Fire Safety Maintenance

man inspecting extinguisherWe operate a nationwide network of fire alarm and extinguisher service technicians providing maintenance and emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our flexible service plans are designed to enable us to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you are a local authority, a multi-national corporation, a high street retailer or a small Brighton business, you can be assured of the quality and reliability of the services and products we provide.

  • BAFE Registered to Scheme SP101 portable extinguisher maintenance
  • BAFE Registered to Scheme SP203 fire alarm systems maintenance
  • Extinguisher service technicians are registered under the BAFE ST104 scheme
  • Staff training covering fire extinguishers provided during planned maintenance visit
  • Staff training covering weekly fire alarm testing provided during planned maintenance visit
  • All service work is carried out in accordance with current British Standard guidelines and completed within the agreed timescales
  • Customers fire log books updated following each service visit
  • Service technicians are uniformed and carry ID cards
  • Service technicians are not commission based or sales targeted



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