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Fire Safety Prosecutions

Restaurant fined 7k over fire safety breaches (Aug 18)

Suspended sentence for pub landlord who flouted safety rules (Aug 18)

Lincoln landlord hit with massive £400k fine (July 18)

Property manager on trial for deaths of two boys in house fire (July 18)

Owner of 16th century venue jailed for 'serious fire safety breaches (June 18)

£20,000 fine after Golders Green hotel fire safety failures put ‘lives at risk (Feb 18)

Landlord Fined Over £3,000 for Fire Safety Negligence (Dec 17)

Lincoln landlord told to pay £8000 over fire safety offences (Oct 17)

JD Sports fined £60,000 for fire safety breaches at store (Oct 17)

Southwark Council will be prosecuted over a series of fire safety charges after a fire in a tower block that left six people dead (Jan 17)

London Care home company ordered to pay £30,000 fire safety fine after blaze (Nov 16)

Landlord who crammed 16 people into four-bed house fined £8,000 (Sep 16)

A Welsh construction firm has landed a fine totalling £100,000 after admitting to fire safety breaches (Aug 16)

Rogue landlord fined more than £150,000 (Oct 16)

Care home operator fined £400,000 for putting residents' lives at risk (Mar 16)

Businessman fined for ‘serious’ fire safety crimes (Jan 16)

Cambridge landlord fined £15,000 over fire safety offences (Jan 16)

Lancashire firm fined £10,000 after flat fire (Nov 15)

Landlord receives £16,000 fine over fire safety offences (Nov 15)

Landlord fined for putting tenants at ‘significant risk’ (Oct 15)

Housing association Hyde sues for £10m over care home fire (Oct 15)

Managing Agents Fined £15000 For Fire Safety Offences (Oct 13)

Rogue Greenwich landlords who let 'death trap' houses prosecuted (Aug 15)

Residents at risk from fire safety failures at care home (Aug 15)

Takeaway boss jailed over death trap flat (July 15)

Landlord fined £160k for safety breaches (July 15)

Hotel owner jailed over fire safety breaches (June 15)

Hatfield and St Albans companies fined over fire safety breaches (June 15)

Record fine handed down to Welsh recycling firm (June 15)

Pub landlord has been sentenced to eight months in jail (June 15)

London hotel owner hit with record £200,000 fine after routine inspection found fire doors tied open with string (March 15)

£22k fine for fire safety breaches (Jan 15)

Hospital breached fire safety rules in theatres (Nov 14)

Landlord jailed for eight months for ignoring fire safety regulations (Oct 14)

Care home provider fined for contravening fire safety laws (Sept 14)

Agent fined £38,000 for breaching fire safety regulations (July 14)

Blackpool hotelier with ‘callous disregard for safety’ jailed (June 14)

'Beds in sheds’ landlord found guilty of fire safety offences (Mar 14)

Boss jailed over fire safety breach (Mar 14)

Landlord given suspended sentence over fire safety breach Feb 14)

£50,000 for failing to have fire safety measures in place (Jan 14)

Ex care home owner given suspended prison term after fire safety breaches (Dec 13)

Staff at care home left elderly residents inside during fire, court hears (Dec 13)

Muswell Hill landlord fined for putting tenants at risk (Nov 13)

Nightclub closed over fire safety problems (Nov 13)

Newcastle bar fined £12,000 for death trap flat that put students' lives at risk (Nov 13)

Liverpool landlords fined for regulation breaches (Nov 13)

Surrey care home breaches fire safety regulations (Nov 13)

Southend landlord faces court for fire safety breach (Nov 13)

Car salvage company fined £65k for ignoring fire safety procedures (Oct13)

Landlord jailed after fatal fire (Oct 13)

Fire safety breaches cost restaurant pair £27,500 (Sept 13)

Sunderland Hostel managers plead guilty to major fire safety breaches (Aug 13)

Landlord fined more than £20,000 for fire safety breaches (Aug 13)

Landlord fined after failure to provide fire safety in home for seven (July 13)

Analysis of 100 Fire Prosecutions (July 13)

A Hertfordshire letting agent ordered to pay £41,200 (June 13)

Cleveland landlord fined £18,000 for fire safety breaches (May 13)

Pub fined thousands for fire safety breaches (June 13)

Jockey fire deaths: Flat owner jailed (May 13)

Family could have died after landlord broke fire regulations (May 13)

Takeaway risks spark court fury (May 13)

Former health spa boss gets suspended prison sentence for flouting fire laws (May 13)

Bolton mill owner fined for safety breaches (May 13)

Fire safety breaches at Swansea's Grand Hotel could have cost lives (Apr 13)

Landlord admits fire safety breaches at flats where jockey died (Apr 13)

Blackpool death trap hotel closed down (March 13)

Care home prosecuted for 7 breaches of Fire Safety Order (March 13)

Company breached fire safety laws to pay £40,000 and suspended sentence (Feb 13)

Restaurant Owner Fined over Fire Safety (Jan 13)

Chemical Firm Fines (Jan 13)

Brighton chippy fined for fire safety breaches (Aug 12)

Care home owners fined £10,000 for fire safety breaches (Aug 12)

Property developer fined 40k over unsafe student accommodation (July 2012)

Serious fire safety breaches cost Asda + £55,000 (June 2012)

Shop owner fined £9000 for fire safety breaches (May 2012)

Strictly Kosher star Joel Lever hit with 8k fine over shop fire risk (May 2012)

Bolton landlord fined for fire safety breaches (May 2012)

Landlord sentenced for fire safety breaches following blaze (May 2012)

Fire safety contractor sentenced for NHS fraud (May 2012)

Cambridge restaurant manager fined for fire safety breaches (May 2012)

Hotel boss admits fire safety breaches (May 2012)


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