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Maintenance Guidelines

You must keep any existing equipment, devices or facilities that are provided in your premises for the safety of people, such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, lighting, signs, fire exits and fire doors, in effective working order and maintain fire separating elements designed to prevent fire and smoke entering escape routes.

You must ensure regular checks periodic servicing and maintenance are carried out whatever the size of your premises, and any defects are put right as quickly as possible.

The following tests and checks should all be recorded in a Fire Log Book..

DAILY CHECKS - Remove bolts, padlocks and security devices from fire exits, ensure that doors on escape routes swing freely and close fully, and check escape routes to ensure they are clear from obstructions and combustible materials, and in a good state of repair. Open all final exit doors to the full extent and walk exterior escape routes. Check the fire alarm panel to ensure the system is active and fully operational. Where practical visually check that emergency lighting units are in good repair and apparently working. Check that all safety signs and notices are legible.

WEEKLY TESTS AND CHECKS - Test fire detection and warning systems and manually operated warning devices weekly following the manufacturer’s or installer’s instructions. Carry out smoke control and sprinkler tests. Fire pumps and stand by diesel engines should be tested for 30 minutes each week. Check the batteries of safety torches and that fire extinguishers and hose reels are correctly located and in apparent working order.

MONTHLY TESTS AND CHECKS - Test all emergency lighting systems and safety torches to make sure they have enough charge and illumination according to the manufacturer’s or supplier’s instructions. This should be repeated at an appropriate time when, following the test, they will not be immediately required.

Check that all fire doors are in good working order and closing correctly and that the frames and seals are in tact.

SIX MONTHLY TESTS AND CHECKS - A competent person should test and maintain the fire detection and warning system, and emergency lighting.

ANNUAL TESTS AND CHECKS - The emergency lighting and all fire fighting equipment, fire alarms and other installed sprinkler and smoke control systems should be tested and maintained by a competent person. All structural fire protection and elements of fire compartmentation should be inspected and any remedial work carried out.


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