Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

People in your premises must be able to find their way to a place of total safety if there is a fire by using escape routes that have enough lighting. In the event of a failure of the supply to the normal lighting, emergency escape lighting should be available to assist occupants to evacuate a building safely.

The primary purpose of emergency escape lighting is to protect life by illuminating escape routes, but it should also illuminate safety equipment.

The size and type of your premises and the risk to the occupants will determine the complexity of the emergency escape lighting required. In simple single storey premises single ‘stand-alone’ escape lighting units maybe sufficient and these can sometimes be combined with exit or directional signs. The level of general illumination should not be significantly reduced by the sign.

In larger, complex premises a more comprehensive system of fixed automatic escape lighting is likely to be needed. This will be particularly true in premises with extensive basements or where there are significant numbers of staff or members of public.

We offer a comprehensive design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service of all types of emergency lighting systems.

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