Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Have you ever asked yourself who would call the fire brigade to help protect your business from the devastating effects of fire should a fire condition develop during evenings, weekends, bank holidays or at any time that the building is unoccupied?

With 67% of fires occurring when premises are vacant, remote fire alarm monitoring can save property and lives by enabling much faster alerts to the emergency services. We supply and install the DualCom range of digital monitoring systems, which use any available UK GPRS network and a PSTN line and/or IP path to transmit high speed signals into the Alarm Receiving Centre who are responsible for contacting the emergency services and nominated keyholders. Utilising multiple paths means there is a back-up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on any path. This fast response can be vital in minimising the threat to life, property and contents.

We provide fire alarm monitoring systems that comply with all of the relevant standards will not only assure you of a fast response from the emergency services, but it could also reduce your insurance premiums.

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