Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

All businesses have a responsibility for providing appropriate fire fighting equipment. The purpose of the fire extinguishers is to prevent a small fire developing into a large one.

The selection of the most suitable numbers and types of extinguishers is critical to ensure your business is adequately protected at all times and must comply with the requirements of BS5306 Part 8 (the current British Standard for the selection and positioning of portable fire extinguishers).

In simple premises, having one or two portable extinguishers of the appropriate type readily available for use, may be all that is necessary. In more complex premises a larger number of portable extinguishers will be required and they should be sited in suitable locations, e.g. on the escape routes at each floor level. It may also be necessary to indicate the location of extinguishers by suitable signs.

People with no training should not be expected to attempt to extinguish a fire. However, all staff should be familiar with the location and basic operating procedures for the equipment provided, in case they need to use it. If your fire strategy means that certain people e.g. fire marshals, will be expected to take a more active role, then they should be provided with more comprehensive training.

We are BAFE Registered as an extinguisher service provider and we offer a comprehensive site survey, installation, commissioning and maintenance service of all types of portable fire extinguishing equipment and accessories.

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